Standing on the shore in Malibu I was captivated by the images of the water’s movement in the shore break. The foam was creating windows to the rippled contours of the sand below the water. In this piece I use clear, white and cream glass to capture this essence from this inspiring scene.

36" diameter
18" height
1 1/4" thickness
** cast glass with a satin stainless steel base

Crystal Galaxy

galaxy table 5
37 1/2" diameter
19" height
1 1/4" thickness
** cast crystal glass with a stain stainless steel base with attached opaline glass orbs

Star Splash

©Earl Harper

Blue Aventurine

39" diameter
18" height
1" thickness

The Bean

51" length
30" width
5/8" thickness
17 1/2" height
**the base is constructed of hammer finish stainless steel

The Lawyer's Conference Table